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Message of Inclusion from USDSSA

A message to our community:


The events of the last few weeks and months have been difficult to bear. We have felt an enormous range of emotions.


What we do not feel is complacent.


Black Lives Matter. Racism is toxic. We all participate, even if we cannot imagine ourselves ‘racist’. Racism exists within the snowsports industry and BIPOC have been implicitly and explicitly excluded from participation in these sports.


Dismantling systems of oppression will require sustained, concentrated effort within every team, every club, race committee, low and high peaks. US Deaf Ski Snowboard Association is publicly committed to taking necessary steps to create a more broader, more inclusive and welcoming audience.


We do this work best, together. We are looking for ways to diversify where possible and to establish formal and sustained partnerships with organizations doing this work. Please share your thoughts, your attention, your questions—even if there are no easy answers. This is OUR community.


We pledge to embrace this moment of transformation for the snowsports world. Let’s begin.


~Skiers and Riders behind the US Deaf Ski and Snowboard Association

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