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Announcing Deaf Winterfest 2025

Dear Snow Enthusiasts,

It gives me great pleasure to present myself as David Gauna Day, the chairperson for the upcoming Deaf Winterfest event taking place in Breckenridge, Colorado. Following thorough discussions with the board members, we have determined to change the schedule of the next Deaf Winterfest to winter 2025.

As a result of the pandemic's effect on the previous year, our recent Winterfest was moved to the odd years, and we were trying to shift our bi-annual events back to the even years. Nevertheless, the Deaflympics have recently announced that their next winter games will take place in 2024, which has created some obstacles for us. As an organization whose goal is to assist our athletes in the Deaflympics, we must prioritize their needs.

We are aware that organizing an event like Winterfest requires substantial preparation, and we believe that postponing it is the best course of action to ensure we can deliver an exceptional experience.

To collect feedback and concerns for the upcoming Deaf Winterfest, we plan to release a survey in the next few weeks. Our goal is to cater to the needs of all attendees, including those who want to learn how to ski or snowboard or come with their families. Additionally, we are searching for committee interests, ideas for fundraising, and sponsorships suggestions.

Our long-term plan is to host the next Deaf Winterfest in 2026 after the Breckenridge 2025 event, aiming to align our plan of going back to even years. We will announce the guidelines and bidding process later this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to the current board members.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to hosting an unforgettable Deaf Winterfest in the future.